Adopt Grandchild in Tennessee

Grandchild Adoptions in Tennessee

Can I Adopt My Grandchild?

Raising your grandchild and love him/her like your own? Thinking about making the relationship permanent? Consider grandchild adoption in Tennessee. A serious decision for sure. Naturally several questions arise.

Grandparent Adoption Where to Start?

First and foremost if you are married discuss this issue with your spouse. When you want to adopt a child your spouse must adopt as well. This is a legal requirement as well as common sense. If you are not married you can adopt as a single parent. The decision to adopt any child requires family unity. Secondly, seek the advice of an adoption attorney. If possible, do this before discussing with the child. Do not get the child involved until you know adoption is legally possible.

Legal Requirements Grandparent Adoption in Tennessee

Grandparent adoption in Tennessee involves many legal requirements. First legal grounds to terminate parental rights must exist. It also must be in the best interest of your grandchild. Both of these involve a very complicated and complex legal analysis by an experienced attorney. A very common scenario of grandparent adoption involves parents who are not actively in a relationship with the child. No visits, no child support. Sometimes the parents are involved in drugs/alchohol abuse or criminal activity. But, because parental rights are so sacred the situation must involve specific time periods of abandonment or serious misconduct. Any legal ground for termination of parental rights must be proven by clear and convincing evidence.

Is Grandparent Adoption Right for Me?

The decision to adopt any child is serious. When you adopt a child you choose to create a permanent relationship as a parent. The child will have all legal rights as would a natural born child. Including inheritance and financial support. Adoption is not reversible. The rewards great, the responsibility awesome! Is grandparent adoption the right choice for you? Is age an issue? While age itself is not a barrier to adoption, health and ability to raise the child factors into the decision. Explore and discuss with your family the emotional and relationship issues before starting an adoption. Seek legal counsel and if needed spiritual or other counsel as well.

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