Tennessee Adoption Process

What to expect During the Adoption process

Adopt a Child in Tennessee

Adopting a child is an exciting event.  The  excitement is also mixed with fear and other emotions. The adoption process involves complex legal issues. Also it involves a lot of uncertainty. Don’t worry though, when you choose Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga you get a legal team.  Your legal team keeps the case on track. First, the termination of the rights of the natural parents. Then the actual adoption. Both steps are necessary and can be daunting.

From the beginning to the end, our team of legal professionals walk you through the legal  adoption process. In addition, the Purple Law legal team’s personal experience with adopting children helps us to help you through the emotional aspects of the process.

Legal Team – Jim Purple | Sonali Arora

Adoption Cases are Different

Every adoption case is different.  Thus the adoption process is different. You may expect the natural  parents to fight,  Or do nothing. But, no one can truly predict what a parent will do once the process to terminate parental rights and adopt has started. Sometimes the natural parents actively defend against termination and adoption. But, other times the parents do nothing. As a result of the uncertainty, we prepare you for both possibilities. 

Adoption Process – Strategy

What can be predicted is how to handle the case as it develops. Your legal team maps  out the strategy.  Then makes changes as necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of adoption. Although,  no  guaranteed outcome exists in the adoption process, the chances of success increases with the right legal strategy.  Choose a legal professional experienced in adoption cases.

Burden of Proof in Adoption Process

Ultimately, to terminate the parental rights of natural parents you must absolutely prove the case. With this in mind choose your legal team wisely. To illustrate, a large number of adoption cases fail because of lack of properly presented evidence. Clear and convincing evidence is the standard of proof. And it is the adoption petitioner tasked with the burden of proof in the adoption process. Making  strategic planning a vital element for success in the adoption process. Not the least of which, is gathering the needed evidence to present to the Court.

The Adoption Process Varies 

Celebrate Adoption in Chattanooga TennesseeSeveral types of adoption situations exist. Each type of case varies the adoption process to some degree. For instance, a step-parent adopts a step-child. This means termination of the rights of one parent. While the other parent keeps his/her rights. Also, grandparents and other relatives adopt a related child. In any relative adoption the process can be simplified. Finally, non relatives adopt an unrelated child – locally or abroad. Non relative adoptions involve the most complex process. Each of these scenarios come with different levels of complications.  So, select a legal team that will help you through the adoption process.

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