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What is Adoption?
What is Adoption?
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Tennessee Adoption

The decision to adopt a child is both serious and awesome. Whether you are considering adopting a baby or an older child, Purple Law Firm’s Chattanooga adoption attorneys help you. There are several steps involved in the legal adoption process. Our professional staff walks you through each and every step. Thinking about adopting an unrelated child? Related child? Or adopt your step-child? Maybe you should adopt a waiting child. Let the caring legal professionals of Purple Law Firm help you. Contact our office  to set up a consultation appointment with our

Chattanooga Adoption Attorneys

Quick Glance at Adoption Process

First, hire a Chattanooga adoption attorney.   Then File an Adoption Petition in Circuit or Chancery Court.  Also,  if the natural parents still have rights, this petition must include a request to terminate parental rights.*

Complete a home study and background investigation report by  an approved and licensed agency. But, this requirement may be waived by the court in family adoptions. Ask the Chattanooga adoption attorneys of Purple Law Firm about an pre-adoption home study.

Chattanooga Adoption Attorney Jim Purple Explaining Adoption Basics on This N That 03/11/2021

Then attend a hearing to terminate parental rights.

Last, attend a final hearing on the adoption.

If the child is 14 or older the child must consent in writing to the adoption.
Further, in contested cases, the Court appoints a Guardian ad litem to protect the child. Additionally, you need to hire a court reporter for the final hearings.

* A parent will be given 30 days to answer the petition, and an opportunity to defend himself or herself in court. Moreover, in some cases the Court appoints a lawyer for the natural parent.

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Adoption is Rewarding!

 Relative / Family Adoption in Tennessee

Considering the adoption of a child related to you?   Relative adoptions are quite common today. In fact, there are a great number of grandparents who adopt and raise their grandchild. But, relative adoptions are not limited to grandparents. You might consider adopting a niece, or nephew, and even perhaps a younger brother or sister.

Are you currently caring for a child who is related to you? But only have custody? Has it been this way for years now? Undoubtedly you should consider adoption. The longer a child remains in a “temporary” situation the more likely he or she will feel the negative impact of lacking a permanent family. Every child desires to have a permanent home situation.  Call or email now to schedule a consultation with Chattanooga adoption attorneys  skilled  in the area of family adoptions.

Step-Parent Adoption

There are times that a step-parent decides to make the step-parent / step-child relationship a permanent parent/child relationship though adoption. Perhaps the natural father or mother of the child is deceased. Or the natural parent abandoned the child. Whatever the reason, Purple Law Firm helps step-parents adopt their step children.   Thus making the relationship permanent. Now, you need to contact Purple Law Firm.   Schedule an appointment and speak to our Chattanooga adoption attorneys about step-parent adoption.

Adopting an Unrelated Child

Are you caring for a foster child and desire to adopt? Or perhaps a friend gave you custody of their child years ago? Whatever your situation, if you are considering making the situation permanent then consult with a Chattanooga adoption attorney.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do I (we) love this child? Does this child love me (us)?
Likewise, has this child become part of our family? What about your own children, do they love the child in question, and consider him / her a brother or sister?
Does this child need a permanent situation?
Will his or her natural parents ever be able to provide a loving stable and proper home and family life?

These questions deserve an answer. Contact Purple Law Firm’s Chattanooga adoption attorneys  now.   Our team understands the legal aspects of adoption.   We also have first hand personal experience with adoptions.

Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights

The process of adopting a child involves some very serious legal questions. Likewise, it involves very personal decisions.  In most adoption cases the parental rights of the natural parent(s) must be terminated by the court before the child can be adopted.   But, keep in mind, the Tennessee courts hold firm to the notion that parenting one’s own child is an absolute constitutional right.   Therefore, the termination of a parent’s rights is extremely serious and complicated. Add to that, the Tennessee Supreme Court and appellate courts recently enhanced the scrutiny of termination cases.   This increases the complexity of such cases.

Remember, Termination is forever. In addition, the Court has an obligation to determine if the adoptive parent(s) would serve the best interest of the child. For this reason, you need knowledgeable and experienced legal representation.   Attorney Jim Purple is that person, and is himself an adoptive father.  Also, the law firm’s Senior Paralegal is an adoptee and an adoptive father.  As a lawyer, Jim Purple  engages in the practice of family law including Adoptions.

Chattanooga Adoption Attorneys Serving People in Tennessee

Chattanooga Adoption Attorney Jim Purple, helping adoptive families in Tennessee since 1982

It is true that legal expertise is needed when  considering adopting a child.   However, this should not be the only deciding factor in choosing a family law attorney.   Most people involved in an adoption case want and need more than just a lawyer.   They also need caring, compassion and understanding as well.   This is exactly why a person should choose Purple Law Firm as a Tennessee adoption lawyer.   We are caring, professional people serving the legal needs of people.   Our Chattanooga adoption attorneys practice family law in Tennessee Circuit and Chancery Courts in Hamilton, Rhea, Marion, Bradley, and Sequatchie County.

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