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Jim Purple, Chattanooga attorney at law
Attorney Jim Purple

Chattanooga attorney Jim Purple has been practicing law in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, since 1982. As a lawyer Jim Purple represents a variety of people in many areas of law. Attorney Purple is a people person. He truly cares about his clients. In fact, many of those that Jim Purple has represented as a lawyer are considered friends. Jim is married to Ellen Purple and is the father of four (4) children and the adoptive father of one (1) child. He has four (4) grandchildren and several great grandchildren. As a family law attorney, Jim Purple, draws from his own personal experiences as well as his experience as a lawyer. To provide a well rounded and caring representation of divorce clients. Being people focused, Chattanooga attorney, Jim Purple, looks beyond the legal issues of family law, and criminal law. Jim makes his clients feel comfortable discussing these tough personal and legal issues.

Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Child Support Attorney

divorce in chattanooga tnDivorce is a very tragic situation, and involves many emotional and legal issues. This is true whether you have children involved in the divorce or not. Obviously a family law attorney is not there to heal all of your wounds. But to guide you through the legal issues involved in divorce. A caring divorce lawyer can help the emotional trauma and understands your situation. This makes the legal problems of divorce a lot easier to handle. Divorce is never easy. There are many reasons that a person seeks a divorce. Such as financial stress, adultery, alcohol or drug abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, abandonment. Or several issues that leads a person say ITS OVER! Contact and retain Chattanooga attorney, Jim Purple.

On the legal front, divorce requires that marital property be divided in fair manner. This includes the marital home if its owned by the parties. Also retirement accounts, personal property from automobiles to household items. Often times a consideration of alimony. Legal battles over alimony can be very complicated and get very heated. After all why should one spouse have to lose the lifestyle to which she/he has become accustomed because the other spouse caused the divorce – by having an affair, being drunk, or abusive, etc. On the other hand, the person who would have to pay alimony feels that its wrong to have to continue to support his/her spouse. Chattanooga divorce attorney, Jim Purple, understands these issues. Jim represents his clients with a caring attitude. He draws upon his many years of experience as a lawyer in family law matters.

Chattanooga attorney for child custody

If there is a child involved in the divorce, then a Permanent Parenting Plan must be developed. To deal with the custody of the child, child support and all other parenting issues. Like educational decisions, health care decisions, etc. The legal battle over the custody of a child is probably the most difficult part of divorce. Having a family law child custody attorney who not only understands the legal issues but also the emotional issues involved in child custody disputes is important. As a child custody lawyer, Chattanooga attorney Jim Purple helps his clients work through the many issues involved in a child custody dispute. Where will the child live most of the time? Should your child even spend any time with the other parent? Should parenting time be supervised? These issues require extensive legal advice and vigorous representation by your lawyer, but also understanding. Child custody is not limited to divorce. But often becomes an issue after the divorce is final. Or among parents who were not married. Chattanooga attorney, Jim Purple, has extensive experience in all types of child custody, and changing custody.

Criminal Attorney, Defense Lawyer for DUI, Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Being arrested or charged with a crime is very serious, and for some people quite scary. Depending on the type of crime that you are charged with, you could spend a lot of time in jail, prison, or on probation. In order to make sure your rights are protected and you have the best chance of a good criminal defense, you need an experienced criminal attorney.

Chattanooga Criminal Defernse

Being arrested is only the first step in the criminal process. From this point forward you need a criminal lawyer to advise you and to guide you through the criminal law process. Of course you do not need to wait to be arrested before consulting or retaining a Chattanooga attorney for criminal defense. If the police or any other law enforcement agency are investigating you, you should consider consulting a criminal attorney. Remember that only a lawyer can give you legal advice. This includes advising you as to when you should actually retain a criminal defense attorney.

After you are arrested and charged with a crime you will appear before a judicial officer, judge or magistrate to have bail set. Chattanooga attorney Jim Purple does from time to time help his clients obtain a bail bond. Although he does not endorse a particular bail bondsman. Chattanooga attorney Purple will assist a criminal client in obtaining a bond from a bondsman you select. Another function of a criminal lawyer in relation to bail bonds is to request that the court lower the amount of bail in certain cases. Chattanooga attorney Jim Purple, defends clients charged with a variety of crimes. From lowering bail, to plea bargaining. To obtaining pre trial diversion for eligible criminal defendants. Or a criminal jury trial. Chattanooga criminal defense attorney Jim Purple represents you or your loved one. Choose your criminal attorney wisely.

Chattanooga Attorney Serving Tennessee Residents

At Purple Law Firm our attorneys serve the legal needs of people in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Red Bank, Collegedale, Soddy Daisy, Bradley County, Cleveland, Rhea County, Dayton, and many other areas in Tennessee.

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