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Fortunately, most people do not encounter an attorney because of divorce, criminal charges, or similar problems.  However, most people still encounter a lawyer at some point in their life.  If not, then perhaps they should.  Legal documents and contracts are a part of our everyday life in America.  If you have a cellphone, are buying a home, car or other valuable asset, or if you are renting a house or apartment, you have signed a contract or a lease agreement.  Probably without the assistance or legal counsel of an attorney.  Sometimes when entering a contract without a lawyer all is fine, often times it is not.  If you encounter a lease agreement,  contract, or other legal document, you should have an attorney draft it for you or review the document before you sign. Not having an attorney involved could be hazardous.

Jim Purple, Attorney at Law in Chattanooga, TN
Experienced Lawyer

Chattanooga Attorney Jim Purple

Writing and reviewing legal documents and contracts Since 1982

First it is important to note some of the types of legal documents that a lawyer routinely writes or reviews. Such documents include Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, deed of trust, purchase agreements, lease agreements, and other contracts. Attorney Jim Purple has been writing and reviewing all of these legal documents since 1982.  Chattanooga attorney  Purple also writes and reviews legal documents like pre-nuptial agreements and ante nuptial agreements, and power of attorney documents.

Have Attorney Jim Purple write or review your legal documents

Whether you are considering leasing property – residential or commercial- or selling real estate, or purchasing property, a business or any other situation that involves a contract, Jim Purple is the lawyer for you.  As an example attorney Purple helped a client successfully negotiate a better lease after it was reviewed.  Avoid the costly mistake of not having a lawyer, contact Jim Purple attorney in Chattanooga today.

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