Family Law Attorney Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga Family Law Attorney

What is Family Law?

A Family law attorney focuses on the area of legal practice that involves issues affecting the family.  Although the matters of law are somewhat typical,  the involvement of family relationships, and the emotionally charged issues add a level of uniqueness to every family law case.  This class of legal practice is also known as domestic relations law and includes:

Family Law Attorney Since 1982

Jim Purple has been practicing law in the Chattanooga, TN area since 1982.  Over that time he has represented hundreds of people in numerous situations as a family law attorney.  There are very few issues that are not within his realm of experience as a lawyer.  As a person and an attorney, Jim Purple centers his focus on the people and relationships.  Of course, every domestic relations issue involves questions of law.

At Purple Law Firm the entire staff delivers a high standard of legal analysis in every case.  First the facts. The family dynamic. Then the legal aspects of the case.  Jim Purple and Sonali Arora, Family Law Attorneys that believe that every client deserves special attention. Our team always gives matter-of-fact legal counsel.  Expect an honest case evaluation. Practical talk about probable outcomes in your family law case.  For all of your family law needs, contact Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga, Phone: (423) 899-0131 and have a skilled legal team on your side.

Divorce and the Family Law Attorney

divorce lawyer

Perhaps the most common area of being a family law attorney is divorce.  The dissolution of marriage often times involves sensitive issues.  Like adultery, spousal or child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.  Divorce also involves several other areas of family law.  Such as spousal support or alimony, division of marital assets and debts. Child custody and child support.  Sometimes divorce includes a question of paternity.   Most of the issues presented to a divorce lawyer have a legal side as well as a personal side.   Often times they are deeply personal and full of emotional and psychological issues.    Many years of practicing divorce law.  An undergraduate degree  in Psychology.  Also, life experiences. Chattanooga family law attorney Jim Purple helps you with any of these issues. Learn more about divorce.

Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights in Family Law

The  constitutional right to raise one’s own children is a fundamental right. Therefore, held to a high value and legal standard in the courts of Tennessee.  But, there are times when this right must yield to the best interests of the child. The parent-child relationship must be legally terminated in order to provide a proper family structure for the child.  Unless the natural parents are deceased, their parental rights must be terminated in order for the child to be adopted by another couple or single parent.  Child neglect, abuse, and abandonment are some of the most common issues that lead to termination of parental rights and adoption of a child.  Often times the adoptive parents are already related to the child. Such as grandparents adopting a grandchild.  Make no mistake.  The process of termination of parental rights and adoption of a child is a very serious matter. It involves strict legal procedures. Moreover, our appellate Court’s are now getting even stricter. It requires a court to find by clear and convincing evidence that it is best for the child.  Adoption is permanent and should never be entered into lightly. Nor without wise legal counsel. Our appellate Courts  are now getting even stricter. Adoption is now even more complex.  You will need help of a skilled family law attorney.  If you are consider adopting a child contact Purple Law Firm.  We will schedule a free consultation appointment.

A Family law attorney also handles the issues of protection from domestic abuse.  Orders of protection or restraining orders.  And child dependency and neglect.  Any legal matter involving family members and relationships is serious!   So, always consult with a a family law attorney about domestic relations issues and problems – call (423) 899-0131 or email Purple Law Firm, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Family Law Attorney in Chattanooga, TN serving Hamilton County, Bradley County, Marion County, and Rhea County in Tennessee.

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