Casey Anthony – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

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Casey Anthony – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

As the world watched, Casey Anthony, was tried and convicted by the court of public opinion.  For the entire time the trial was ongoing in the courtroom, the media with the multiple talking heads, and so called experts like Nancy Grace, and other lawyers and former prosecutors surmised and analyzed, ultimately concluding that Casey was guilty as charged.  After all this is a mother who partied and stayed silent as her child was supposedly missing, oh but wait a minute maybe Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool.  Add to that the incredible and detailed lies that Casey told police and family members, and of course the internet searches.  She must be guilty right? Is it more likely than not that she killed her daughter?

“More Likely Than Not” Is Not Sufficient to Convict of a Crime

The foundation of our criminal justice system requires a much higher standard of proof than “more likely than not” or she (or he) sounds or looks guilty”.   A lying **** is not necessarily a murderer.  The jury was charged in this case like in all criminal cases with the duty to determine if the State of Florida proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, Caylee Anthony, or that she had committed an act which led to the unintended death of her child.  The jury and only the jury has that duty.  We the television spectators have not heard all of the evidence, but only snippets as filtered by the media and the “experts” along with the opinionators – the talking heads.

This case is a prime example that our system of justice still works. This jury of 12 men and women did not declare Casey Anthony innocent, but rather delivered a verdict of not guilty.   As the jurors speak out and tell their story, maybe the message will be clearer:  [notice]In order to convict the defendant must be found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.[/notice]

Criminal Attorneys Insist that Reasonable Doubt Standard Be Adhered to in the Courts

It is this standard that all criminal defense attorneys insist be upheld by the courts and by the jurors.  If the State can charge you with a crime and deprive you of freedom or your life based upon any other standard then everyone in this country is at severe risk.  Maybe Casey Anthony committed this horrific crime, maybe she didn’t.  But the bottom line is the State of Florida could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that she did it.  [important]The state did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Caylee was murdered, or the cause of death at all, that Casey had actually done anything that lead to the death of the child. [/important]  Is there reasonable doubt?

In the day of television shows like CSI, and the like, there is a tendency to believe that cases can be solved and that DNA evidence, etc., are very easily obtained.  The Casey Anthony case is a case in point that reality and television legal dramas are miles apart.

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