Divorce: What about Temporary Alimony and Child Support?

Temporary Alimony and Child Support

Who pays the bills during a divorce the husband or the wife?

When a divorce is filed, who pays what bills?  How does the other spouse survive financially until the divorce is final?  The are many variables related to the issues of alimony and child support, both temporary and permanent. Of course this should be reviewed with your divorce attorney.  Then presented to the divorce court. The simple answer is that when a divorce is filed the spouse who is left at a disadvantage may be able to receive temporary Alimony.  If children are involved then temporary child support should also be set.

  What situation justifies temporary alimony or child support.

A typical situation for example, would involve a husband who leaves the marriage.  The wife and mother stays at the marital residence without adequate income to take care of herself, the children and the house.  In this case, the divorce court may order the husband to pay alimony pendente lite (pending the litigation of the divorce).  And set child support based upon the approximate incomes and the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines.

Temporary alimony and child support are set based upon need

Unlike the final award of alimony or the final setting of child support, temporary alimony  is based upon a sworn statement of income and expenses submitted by one or both parties.  The Court determines the financial needs of the spouse asking for the alimony and then may award temporary support according to that need.  Temporary child support is based upon the estimated incomes of both parties, and the estimated parenting time, without much need for proof.

There are times when the court will order child support, and order the payment of certain debts or expenses as alimony. Although, not always ordered by the court, temporary alimony tends to be flexible and is designed to sustain the disadvantaged spouse until the divorce is final.

Speak to a divorce attorney about temporary alimony, and your financial needs while your divorce is pending.

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