Bail Changes for DUI Offenders in Tennessee

Bail Changes for DUI Offenders in Tennessee

In Tennessee, DUI (Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants) offenders who are out of jail on bail and commit another DUI related offense now face tougher bail requirements.  Effective in January 2011, if a defendant has been arrested and released on bail for a violation of DUI, vehicular homicide or vehicular assault involving DUI, and commits any of those crimes after release, the defendant shall be considered a danger to the community.

Several Factors Must Be Considered in DUI Bail Cases

The defendant shall not be released with another bail unless the criminal court first determines the defendant is no longer a danger to the community. The court may consider the use of monitoring devices to eliminate the danger posed including, but not limited to: (1) Ignition interlock devices(2) Transdermal monitoring devices or other alternative alcohol monitoring devices; (3) Electronic monitoring with random alcohol or drug testing; or (4) Pretrial residency in an in-patient alcohol or drug rehabilitation center.

Read more about the changes in DUI laws in Tennessee which became effective in 2011: New requirements for DUI restricted license and Changes in bail for persons previously convicted of DUI related offenses.

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