Successful Lease Negotiation After Attorney Review

Successful Lease Negotiation After Attorney Review

Purple Law Firm takes great pleasure in being able to be a part of success stories.  Recently Attorney Purple had a client who wanted to lease a new location for her business, but was concerned about the proposed Lease Agreement.  The client made the decision to have the contract reviewed by a lawyerLearn more about contracts and legal documents.

Review By Lawyer Revealed Serious Problems With Lease Agreement

Upon review of the proposed contract the attorney determined that there were several  problem areas with the lease contract, in particular with the addendum to the lease which contained several clauses that were untenable.  A few of the most problematic are as follows:

1.  The tenant would have been required to maintain the heating and air conditioner unit and purchase a maintenance  contract on the unit and provide proof to the landlord

2.  One provision in the  contract addendum dictated the days and hours of operation for the tenant requiring the tenant to remain open at times and on days that the landlord determined.

3.  The tenant would not have been able to add any equipment for her business without the express written consent of the landlord, and it appeared that the landlord would be able to exercise an ownership interest or lien on any equipment moved into the premises.

The bottom line with this Lease Agreement and its addendum was that not was not in the client’s best interest to sign the lease as written.  It would have cost the client a significant amount of money in addition to the monthly lease payment.  The client took took the advice of her attorney and did not sign the lease.  Armed with the sound legal advice the client negotiated with the landlord and obtained a revised lease agreement.

Attorney Purple reviewed the new proposed lease and found only a few problems and advised the client to attempt to have those issues resolved.   The client again informed the landlord of the attorney’s advice and was successful in negotiating a lease agreement which is appropriate and legally sound.

Always Have an Attorney Review or Draft Legal Documents and Contracts

This situation is a prime example of why a person should always have a lawyer review any legal document before signing it.  Commercial Lease Agreements are particularly problematic and often times contain clauses which can cause the tenant severe problems.

Are there any hidden costs?  Does the landlord have control over any aspect of your business?  What happens if you add equipment or improvements to the premises? These are questions that need to be answered by an attorney.

Contact a Chattanooga attorney to have that contract or lease agreement reviewed and analyzed by a lawyer.

At Purple Law Firm our attorneys are available to review legal documents and negotiate a better contract on your behalf, or write a contract for you.  Call or email for an appointment today.

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