COVID-19 Pandemic

Purple Law Firm’s Response and Policies

 Open for Office and Telephone/Video Appointments

Updated April 30, 2021: The COVID-19 Pandemic appears to be winding down, at least in Chattanooga. The mandatory Face Mask Orders issued by the County Health Department have ended. But there are still restrictions in the Court due to Orders of the Tennessee Supreme Court. At Purple Law Firm our number one goal is to keep all of our clients and staff members safe at this time and to minimize exposure to this virus. We are taking steps to ensure that our office is safe for all persons entering our business, including extra cleaning of our office and reducing the number of persons in our office at one time. But, we need your assistance in assuring the safety and well-being of all persons having contact with our law firm and staff members, other persons, attorneys and court staff.

Update: Requirement to Wear Face Masks

By Order of the Hamilton County, Tennessee Department of Health, all persons entering a public building, or business located in Hamilton County, must wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose. Although, there is much debate about this mandate, we at Purple Law Firm, must comply with the order of the local authorities. In the event that you are unable to wear a face covering, or fit within one of the exceptions set out in the Health Department Order please communicate these issues with our staff prior to your appointment, so we may determine how to best accommodate your needs.

Virtual Appointments Available

Even with the pandemic winding down, virtual appointments have become a convenient way to accomodate the needs of our clients. Our office remains committed to serving your needs through whatever means necessary.However, keep in mind that certain types of appointments may not work as well virutally, and a traditional in-person appointment is necessary. When you schedule an appointment with our office, our staff members will discuss the appointment options with you, including virtual (video) appointments, telephonic, or in office appointments.

If you may have or been exposed to COVID-19 or Other Contagious Illness

Notify us immediately if you are experiencing symptoms of Corona virus or flu, including fever, or if you have been exposed to any person who is confirmed to have COVID-19, so we can reschedule your appointment or change it to a video or telephonic appointment.

Court Hearings

By order of the Tennessee Supreme Court in-person hearings in all State and local courts are still somewhat limited and the Court are still strongly encouraged to hear matters by video or telephone. Our local courts are also staggering the scheduling of motions. A lot of changes have occurred and continue to occur. We will continue to keep our clients’ cases moving through the courts as expeditiously as possible. But, we must adhere to the procedures instituted by the courts and maintain safety precautions for everyone involved.
If an emergency situation arises, we will communicate with the appropriate court and take whatever steps which are deemed appropriate by us and the court.

If you have a court appearance scheduled during this time we will be working with the court to schedule as soon as possible and by means appropriate under the circumstances. Please keep in mind all persons having business with the courts are in the same situation, so your patience will be greatly appreciated.

Future Plans

In the event that the state of the corona virus pandemic worsens, and/or changes the ability of our law firm to maintain our physical office open for clients, we will adapt to continue to serve your needs. This may include operating exclusively through telephone/video conferencing and/or staff working remotely. Rest assured that Purple Law Firm will continue to serve your legal needs as best as possible during this challenging time.