Tennessee Divorce Defense

Served a summons and divorce complaint or petition. Now what? You must respond within 30 days or a face a default judgment.

Defend your rights  If you fail to respond in time,  the Court...

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Contested Divorce in Tennessee

 A contested divorce in Tennessee usually  begins with retaining a divorce lawyer. You and the attorney will prepare a Complaint for Divorce and file it with...

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Cheating! Is it time to File Divorce


When an affair happens, devastation, followed by distrust occurs. Cheating leads to arguments, and more. Then you must decide what next.  Is it time to speak to a divorce lawyer?...

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Tennessee Uncontested Divorce

Agreed  divorce simplifies the legal process. A Tennessee uncontested divorce also makes the emotional turmoil a little easier. Our Chattanooga divorce lawyers will help you through the...

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