November is #NationalAdoptionMonth. Grandparents, step-parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and hopefully parents adopt children.  Join Purple Law Firm and the Dave Thomas Foundation and begin your adoption journey today. Our legal team will guide you through the legal process of adoption in Tennessee.  We are experienced both professionally and personally with adoption. Celebrating Adoption Shoes Tell a Story | Adoption Journey          Read More →

Served a summons and divorce complaint or petition. Now what? You must respond within 30 days or a face a default judgment. Defend your rights  If you fail to respond in time,  the Court may enter a default judgment against you. Then your spouse will get whatever he/she requested in the Complaint. A divorce attorney will help you and protect your interests.Read More →

 A contested divorce in Tennessee usually  begins with retaining a divorce lawyer. You and the attorney will prepare a Complaint for Divorce and file it with the Court. The divorce complaint and a summons ate served upon your spouse.  Your spouse must respond within 30 days by filing an answer.  After the filing of the answer, the divorce case proceeds. The exact process of a contested divorce case does not follow the same straight line every time.  It varies based upon the parties, their attorneys and the facts involved. The court requires all divorcing parties to attend mediation in order to attempt an agreed resolution.Read More →

An abusive marriage causes great pain and fear. Is it time?  Time to get out, file divorce? The process begins with a divorce lawyer that  cares and fights for you. When it’s time contact Purple Law Firm’s legal team in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We guide you through the process of uncontested or contested divorce. We also will represent you in obtaining an Order of Protection if necessary.  Read More →