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Celebrate Adoption – Tennessee

Family Law Adoption Attorneys, Making Moments MatterNovember is celebrate adoption month. But, everyday we know the joy of adopting children. This blog is typically written in third person and not personal. But, this time I want to be personal as I celebrate adoption this month and every day. I am an adopted child and an adoptive father. So, adoption is very personal to me.

Adoption – A Personal and Professional Journey

Celebrate Adoption in Chattanooga Tennessee

As I said, I am an adopted child. I was born to an unwed mother in 1969. In that day single parenting wasn’t very popular. Born and placed in an orphanage. Then adopted early by non-relatives. I know little about my biological parents – just a few basics. But, that hasn’t been very important. I know my family, my true family. Those are the people who adopted me and love me.

I am also an adoptive father. I have had the great joy of being able to adopt my twin sons. Of course, I love them as if they were my own flesh and blood. It was my choice to bring them into my life as my children. What an awesome opportunity and a joyful event to adopt a child!

In my professional career as a Paralegal I get the pleasure of helping other people realize this joy. This area of legal practice is by far the most rewarding for me. The ability to see families formed, permanent bonds of parent and child.

Chattanooga Adoption Law Firm

Our legal team has extensive personal and professional experience with adoptions. At Purple Law Firm, I am not the only one with personal experience. Attorney Jim Purple is an adoptive father.

Adopting a Child is Complicated

In most cases adopting a child requires termination of the parental rights of one or both parents. Adoption is very complicated. The law in Tennessee is very complex and the courts strictly interpret the law. Now, more than ever. So, retain the right legal team, which is important to the success of your case. Purple Law Firm is that team. Celebrate adoption and let us help you put your family together, permanently.

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