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Divorce is tough and complex. What should you expect from your Chattanooga divorce lawyer? Jim Purple and Mariella Pechero guide you through the divorce process. Our legal team resolves your child custody disputes and financial issues. Call today to speak to one of our family law attorneys in Chattanooga. Purple Law Firm provides skilled Tennessee divorce lawyers. Because we help with the legal process of divorce and child custody disputes, contact us today.

Divorce Lawyer Needed – It’s Complicated

Divorce is emotional, often traumatic. To be sure, it involves many complex legal issues. Additionally, if the divorce involves a child custody dispute it is even more difficult. Simply put, divorce is not easy. Therefore, retain an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you. A skilled family law attorney protects your legal interests. Purple Law Firm’s legal staff walks you through the divorce.

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The Process of Divorce in Tennessee

The process of divorce ends the marital relationship. But, there is more. To finalize a divorce, several issues must be resolved. In this situation, a skilled Tennessee divorce lawyer handles these issues for you.

Property division – your personal and real property are divided. Sometimes, you may have to sell your home and other assets. Moreover, retirement accounts are divided. As well the debts of the marriage are assigned to the parties. In addition, if there are minor children then we prepare a parenting plan. Child custody, and parenting decision-making is designated. Finally, it sets child support. Alimony is also a possible issue in a divorce. In some cases, there is also violence, abuse or drug/alcohol problems. These problems require legal experience and expertise. So turn to a Chattanooga divorce lawyer from Purple Law Firm. Mediation is also required. Of course your attorney represents you at mediation.

Contested Divorce: Disputing Property, Alimony or Custody

Contested Divorce : Domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, adultery, financial stress, constant disagreements and arguments. This is stressful and often leads you to make the ultimate decision to file for divorce. Saving the marriage or filing divorce? In many cases, one or both of the spouses decides to end the marriage. But, the disagreements do not end there. Then the battle goes to the courtroom. Read More

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Uncontested Agreed Divorce in Tennessee

What is an agreed divorce? A no fault divorce? It is an uncontested divorce upon irreconcilable differences. In other words, you agree that you can’t work it out. In general, you and your spouse state that you can not resolve your marital problems. But, you agree how to end the marriage. Thus, you both agree to a settlement of all of the issues involved in ending the marriage. Read More

Family Law is More than “Divorce”

Divorce Lawyers Family Law

Sometimes, after a divorce, you need to make changes. You may need to change child custody. Or you must ask the Court to enforce its orders. Perhaps you need to modify child support. Likewise, your former spouse may ask the Court for relief. Our divorce lawyers help you with these post divorce issues. Also, there are issues that need to be resolved between unmarried people. There are many children born outside of a marriage. When this relationship ends the issues of paternity, child custody and child support arise. Purple Law Firm’s family law attorneys are also skilled in all of these issues.

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Leading Divorce Lawyers

Chattanooga family law attorney Jim Purple practices domestic relations (divorce / child custody) law – since 1982. His experience and knowledge, along with his caring concern for people, makes him a leading Chattanooga divorce lawyer. Mariella Pechero, also practices family law. Divorce lawyer with over 20 years of experience.
Ending your marriage can be scary, and hard to handle. So seek legal help now! Schedule an appointment with Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga. Our Divorce lawyers serve the family law needs of people in Hamilton County, Bradley, Rhea and Marion County.