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Commercial Purposes of Web Site

The information contained in this web site is for general informational and marketing purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. To receive legal advice from Purple Law Firm or its attorneys lawyers call or email for an appointment. This is a commercial web site and it contains information which is considered paid advertising, and all information contained herein has been reviewed by the attorneys lawyers of Purple Law Firm. Call (423) 899-0131 today to speak to an attorney lawyer in Chattanooga, TN.

Disclaimer Regarding Specialization

The State of Tennessee recognizes Certifications of Specialization in all areas of practice relating to or included in the areas of Civil Trial, Criminal Trial, Business Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Creditor’s Rights, Medical Malpractice, Elder Law, Estate Planning and Family or Domestic Law. Listing of related or included practice areas herein, does not constitute or imply a representation of certification of specialization. Furthermore, the use of the terms “Bankruptcy Attorney”, “Criminal Defense Attorney”, “Estate Planning Attorney”, “Divorce Attorney”, and the like is for general marketing and practice area identification purpose only, and is not intended to imply certification of specialization. Our attorneys lawyers are experienced in said practice areas, but are not “Certified Specialists” unless specifically indicated.

Disclaimer Regarding Tax Advice

This website and its legal articles may from time to time refer to Federal and State Tax matters.  These issues will ordinarily be contained within the context of bankruptcy law and other debt solutions.  The information relating to any tax matter shall not be considered as tax advice.  Purple Law Firm and its attorneys do not practice tax law.  If you have specific tax questions outside of bankruptcy or debt solutions contact a qualified tax professional such as a CPA or Tax Attorney.

Licensing of Attorneys

Purple Law Firm and its attorneys are licensed and admitted to practice law in the State of Tennessee only.  This includes all state and local courts in Tennessee only.  The attorneys are also admitted to practice in the US District Court and Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Tennessee. Any legal matters outside of Tennessee can only be handled by our attorneys by special permission (pro hac vice) or with the assistance of a lawyer licensed in the relevant jurisdiction.

Website Copyright and Licensing

As indicated at the bottom of each page this website is designed by and copyrighted by Web Designs by TAC (Todd A. Couvillon).  The images and intellectual content are written and owned by Web Designs by TAC and used by Purple Law Firm under special license.  Although sharing this content on social media and other such sites is encouraged, the use of any graphics, images or content for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Users of this website are specifically authorized to share posts or pages by use of the sharing buttons provided herein and to email or print content for personal use only. Any other use is strictly prohibited under the US and International Copyright laws.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable under law.

Excluded Practice Areas and Issues

Purple Law Firm attorneys are general law practitioners.  However, there are issues and areas of practice we do not presently handle as follows: Consumer Bankruptcy, Employment Law, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Discrimination Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Automobile Accident, Automobile Warranty Issues, Residential Tenant Representation, Tax matters, patents. Please note that the lists set forth herein are by no means exhaustive. Purple Law Firm reserves the right to accept or reject representation in any particular instance based upon the area of law, the particular facts of the case, or other relevant factors deemed appropriate by the attorney and law firm management.  Further, Purple Law Firm reserves the right to charge a telephone consultation fee for any legal issue, as well as a consultation fee for initial office appointments in the sole discretion of the law firm management.  Read FAQ about Consultation Fees

Web Search Results and Other Web Sites

Purple Law Firm, like most businesses today, markets its services on this web site as well as through social media and other paid and unpaid web sites.  Given the nature of the technology and usage practices of the internet, web crawlers and other web linking practices, which occurs outside of the control of the law firm, this law firm can not be held responsible for the implications that occur as a result. For instance a web search for a particular practice area or service may include Purple Law Firm, even though we do not provide that service.  A web site not owned nor controlled by this law firm may include a link to purplelawfirm.com or reference to Purple Law Firm that implies that we perform certain services. The domain, purplelawfirm.com, is the official commercial marketing website of Purple Law Firm and shall be controlling in any case involving conflicting online marketing information. Furthermore, this law firm reserves the right to change its practice areas and services at anytime, without prior notice, in the sole discretion of law firm management.  In such event, websites and web search tools that are outside of the law firm’s control may contain outdated or inaccurate information.  Ultimately, due to the nature of the practice of law and the ethical requirements placed upon attorneys, no rights or guarantee of representation or service can be extended to any person, entity, or organization, based upon marketing of any kind or nature. The law firm and its attorneys reserve the right to accept or reject representation in any given instance, as set forth herein above, regardless of any implications resulting from commercial marketing and internet sites, search engines, etc.