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Starting a New Business

Starting a new business in Tennessee or anywhere involves research, planning and decisions. Many decisions! In fact, so many decisions that it can overwhelm someone who isn’t experienced. After deciding the type of business, usually the easiest decision, now you must decide on funding, structure, and how to meet any legal requirements. Also, what liability exposure exists and the available legal protections to utilize. Starting a new business should involve professional legal guidance.

Small Business Attorney

A small business attorney focuses on the needs of a business owner. But, the lawyer is mindful of the unique needs of a small business versus a large corporation. Also, the small business attorney understands financial limitations exist. Therefore, the options are tailored to meet the legal needs of the small business owner within the proper budget constraints. Chattanooga Attorney Jim Purple works with small business owners to develop the proper plan for legal formation and liability protection. The legal team at Purple Law Firm works with you to form an LLC, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or sole proprietorship. Also, we review and draft contracts for small businesses.