Get a fresh start with bankruptcy chapter 7 or chapter 13

Debt   Relief Through Bankruptcy

The decision to file bankruptcy is a very serious one.   There are many requirements that must be met prior to filing bankruptcy. This includes passing a bankruptcy  means test. It also means completing credit counseling.   Don’t make these serious financial decisions alone.   Consult one of our  Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys The Purple Law Firm legal team will work with you to determine your needs, and help you to make the necessary decisions. Call or email Purple Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyer today and get your finances in order.  

The United States Congress and the US Code recognizes that a bankruptcy law firm is a debt relief agency.   Bankruptcy is not the only solution to debt problems. But, in most situations bankruptcy is the best option.    It provides complete debt resolution to the majority of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filers.   Insolvent and need relief from debt and credit problems?   Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Chattanooga, TN.  
The Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys   filing bankruptcies in the Eastern District of Tennessee  since 1982.

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What is a Bankruptcy?

Debt outweighs income and the ability to repay as required. This is insolvency or being bankrupt. You need debt relief that works. Our Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.  

Being bankrupt arises when a person, or married couple, reaches a point of not being able to properly meet their financial obligations. The United States Bankruptcy Code provides individuals and businesses the right to declare bankruptcy.    To have debts and financial obligations discharged in whole or in part by order of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Filing for bankruptcy provides a great benefit to Debtors. But, it also entails many tough financial decisions and complex legal issues. One such benefit is that after filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the Bankruptcy Court makes all decisions regarding your debts, and assets.

Once a person has filed a Bankruptcy Petition the bankruptcy automatic stay provided by law, requires all creditors to immediately cease and desist any and all collection activities.   This   includes contacting the debtor, garnishment of wages, repossession, foreclosure, etc. Contact Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys of Purple Law Firm  for legal advice regarding debt relief options under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

 Skilled  Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorney Jim Purple has been helping   clients in matters of bankruptcy law for many years. Put experience on your side and retain a bankruptcy lawyer who cares about your situation. At Purple Law Firm our  Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys and staff recognize the fears and concerns that come with bankruptcy.   We help you understand and to make the process of going bankrupt as smooth as possible for you.  Get the financial peace you deserve. Contact a Chattanooga debt relief attorney today. 

divorce and bankruptcyBankruptcy and Divorce

One of the  main  causes of divorce is financial stress. It stands to reason that when a marriage is torn apart by debt problems more than divorce will be required for debt relief to be realized. In fact, the process of divorce will create even more credit problems. And it places an even greater strain on the available financial resources.

Especially in today’s “recovering” real estate market. Bankruptcy is often a part of the divorce process.   Before stressing over how to pay the home mortgage after the divorce, weigh your debt relief options now. This includes Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.   Our Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys are experienced in the legal issues of divorce and bankruptcy. If one or both spouses needs bankruptcy relief then contact one of our Chattanooga attorneys.  
Lawyers engaged in the general practice of law This sets Purple Law Firm apart from the “bankruptcy only law practices”.
The Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys of Purple Law Firm serve clients in the Hamilton County, Tennessee area. This includes Bradley, Marion, Rhea,   Bledsoe, and Sequatchie counties.


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