Chattanooga Attorney Sonali Arora joined Purple Law Firm in late 2016 originally as an intern and then an attorney in 2017.  Sonali is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Law. Sonali also completed several internships and training programs before joining Purple Law Firm.  Moreover, as an attorney, Sonali is very detail oriented and represents clients in a caring, but aggressive manner. Sonali is originally from New Delhi, India and lives in Hixson, Tennessee. Attorney Arora is fluent in both English and Hindi.

Legal Practice Areas

At present Attorney Sonali Arora focuses primarily on family law issues. So if you are looking for a female divorce attorney, contact Purple Law Firm and speak to Sonali. Family Law Attorney Arora represents clients in divorce, child custody, child support, and adoptions. As well as juvenile Court representing parents and minors.  Attorney Arora also represents clients in criminal law cases.  Finally, Attorney Sonali Arora helps people in Chattanooga in surrounding areas in probate matters.

The Purple Law Firm Legal Team

We are proud that Chattanooga Attorney Sonali Arora joined our legal team.   Sonali continues the Purple Law Firm tradition of team driven client representation.  So, when you retain Attorney Arora, you get her legal expertise, as well as the support of the legal team of Purple Law Firm. This includes our senior attorney, Jim Purple.

Compassionate Detailed Legal Representation

‘I don’t give up,’ she says. ‘If I know it’s something that my client is entitled to…. I will fight for it.‘

Sonali Arora – Hamilton Herald November 8, 2019

When you are going through a deeply emotional issue such as divorce, or child custody, the last thing you want is a cold impersonal lawyer.  Attorney Sonali Arora is compassionate and cares about her clients and their needs. Sonali is very detail oriented and focuses on the legal issues. Of course you expect this from an attorney. But, Sonali also focuses on you as a person. Your needs, goals and feelings. When you find yourself needing legal representation, the lawyer you choose is a very important decision. So, call our office and schedule an appointment with Chattanooga Attorney Sonali Arora today.