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Attorney Mariella Pechero

Chattanooga Attorney Mariella L. Pechero joined Purple Law Firm in 2016. Mariella has been practicing law since 1994. First in the great state of Texas now she practices in Tennessee.  The addition of Mariella to our legal team providers a true asset to the legal community of Chattanooga.  Indeed she brings with her a very well rounded educational background. As well as practical experience that is unmatched.  Moreover, Mariella has a distinguished career in family law providing advocacy, legal research and dispute resolutions.

Attorney Pechero Serves the Hispanic Community

One of the greatest assets that Attorney Pechero brings to Chattanooga is the ability to intimately relate to the Hispanic community. Mariella grew up McAllen, Texas.  Spanish is her primary language. No doubt she understands the language and the culture. If you are Hispanic and have a legal need, contact Mariella today.

Legal Practice Areas

Chattanooga Attorney Mariella Pechero utilizes her very experience in Family Law matters to serve her clients. This includes Divorce, child custody and adoption. Mariella is also admitted in Bankruptcy Court For the Eastern District Of  Tennessee. Call today to schedule an initial appointment for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.  Attorney Pechero also practices criminal and general civil law.

Mariella Pechero, Attorney and Leader

PASSIONATE LEADER, Mariella motivates and builds top-performing teams. Attorney Pechero  focuses on impeccable service delivery and accountability for goal achievement. Accomplished at interacting with a network of cross-functional professionals to achieve maximum motivation, collaboration and productivity. Attorney Mariella Pechero pursues goals and leads in every aspect of her life. She has two wonderful children. Mariella actively involved herself  in special needs education and issues that impact the special needs children and youth of Chattanooga.

Connect with Attorney Mariella Pechero

Legal Experience with Compassion

As a person and an attorney, Mariella Pechero approaches each situation with skill and compassion. Mariella understands the legal and personal issues of her clients. This skill provides each client with the highest quality of legal representation available. If you have any legal need contact Purple Law Firm and let Mariella and our staff assist you.