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Chattanooga Attorneys- General Practice of Law

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A lawyer in the general practice of law is a legal professional who is experienced or seasoned in a wide variety of matters involving issues of law. A general practice attorney provides legal advice and counsel.  Also, the lawyer  represents people in multiple types of litigation.   This includes judicial disputes, as well as  matters  of legal significance that do not involve court proceedings.

Attorney’s Areas of Legal Practice

Examples of litigation matters – judicial controversy – include divorce, child custody proceedings, criminal charges, adopting a child, bankruptcy proceedings, and civil lawsuits.

Attorney representation in litigation matters involves legal counsel, strategic planning, preparing court filings, and attending court for hearings or a trial. Under certain circumstances, civil and criminal litigation involves attorney negotiations in an effort to settle the controversy without a trial in the court. Legal matters that are not judicial in nature include the lawyer writing and reviewing legal documents.   Such as contracts, lease agreements, real estate deeds.   Or necessary documents to incorporate a business, form a LLC, or to sell a business. Preparing estate planning documents like a Last Will and Testament or a Revocable Trust is also a non-judicial legal matter for a general practice attorney. Chattanooga general practice attorneys  are skilled in the legal matters that commonly affect most people.
Chattanooga Divorce Attorneys – Family Law

Divorcedivorce_couple_legal_action  is very rarely, if ever, simple. No matter the circumstances. No matter whether there are children involved or not.   No matter how long you are married.   The legal process of divorce can be very scary. If your marriage is coming to an end you need the professional caring services of an experienced divorce attorney.

Child custody dispute?   Retain a family law attorney. The dispute over the custody, parenting time, decision making and support of a child involves many serious legal issues. Even after the matter is final, child custody disputes arise.   Sometimes it requires returning to court for a change of child custody arrangements. Contact a child custody family law attorney for seasoned legal representation.

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Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys

Debt_relief through bankruptcy The United States Code provides individuals and businesses the right to declare bankruptcy. If a person is insolvent he or she can have debts discharged   in whole or in part by the Bankruptcy Court.  

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for consumers is very complicated.   It is advisable to consult with an attorney. Retain a Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney to help. Bankruptcy can help you get a fresh financial start.   it can also help you: save a home from foreclosure, catch up on car payments, or surrender secured items and walk away debt free.   Learn more about bankruptcy and what our bankruptcy attorneys can do for you and about the benefits of debt relief through bankruptcy. For even more information about bankruptcy, including changes and current bankruptcy news follow The Law and You in Chattanooga from the Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm.

Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal law setsCriminal defense attorney   the acceptable limits of conduct in society. Everyone is expected to obey the law. Break the law and punishment is around the corner. Fines, jail time, public service hours, etc. Put experienced Chattanooga criminal attorneys on your side, contact Purple Law Firm today.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Do you need a Last Will and Testament, or a Revocable Trust? What is the difference between a Will and a Trust? How do you manage retirement and your golden years?   At Purple Law Firm our lawyers can answer these questions for you. Attorney Jim Purple has been practicing Estate Planning law since 1982. Learn More about wills and trusts and what an estate plan can do for you.

Attorneys Preparing and Reviewing Legal Documents

Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Sales Contract, Lease Agreement, Waiver, Release, these are all legal documents. You should have an attorney draft all of your legal documents or forms, to be sure that the document is legally sufficient, enforceable, and adequate to protect your legal needs.

Getting Married? Have you considered a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?
Our attorneys recognize the delicate nature of the issues involved in a pre-nuptial agreement. Clear up the misconceptions, schedule an appointment with a lawyer today. More about legal documents.

Other legal issues our Chattanooga attorneys handle include probate and contract disputes. We serve the Tennessee counties of Hamilton,   Bradley,   Rhea,   Marion and Sequatchie.