File for Bankruptcy | What is Bankruptcy?

File for Bankruptcy – When is the time right? Usually people file for bankruptcy when there are no other options available.  It is the last resort for most debtors.  But when is the time right to file for bankruptcy? Is … Read full article

Bankruptcy : How to Lower Chapter 13 Payments

Bankruptcy : How to Lower Chapter 13 Payments Bankruptcy Attorneys in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a court ordered, court supervised plan to repay your debts over a period of 3 to 5 years.  When a person files … Read full article

Debt Relief through Bankruptcy

When debt gets high the solutions are scarce. However, bankruptcy offers complete debt relief and a possibility of a fresh start. If you are drowning in debt speak to an experienced Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney to see if you can get debt relief through bankruptcy chapter seven (7) or thirteen (13).

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