Divorce Attorney in Tennessee – Choose the right lawyer

Divorce  Attorney in Chattanooga Tennessee It goes without saying, divorce is a very serious action involving legal, emotional and financial issues.   Depending on the circumstances, divorce can be relatively simple, or extremely complex. Involving the division of marital assets (home, … Read full article

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Tennessee Divorce Process Grounds for Divorce Maybe you have decided that the marriage is over.  Or maybe you are still weighing your options. Can you get a divorce if your spouse does not agree?  This question leads to a more legally … Read full article

Waiting Period for Divorce in Tennessee

Tennessee Divorce Waiting Period How quickly can a person obtain a divorce in Tennessee? The answer depends on several issues.  These should be discussed with a divorce lawyer.  There is a mandatory divorce waiting period in Tennessee.  The earliest a … Read full article

Can you file a divorce and bankruptcy at the same time?

Divorce and Bankruptcy Resolve Marital Debt All too often when a couple files for a divorce the financial situation becomes disastrous.  Sometimes both husband and wife are placed in a financial hardship, other times it is only one spouse.  In … Read full article

Is Divorce Mediation Required in Tennessee?

If the husband and wife can not reach an agreement on all issues including division of property and debts, child custody, child support, alimony, etc., then mediation may be ordered by the court. Mediation is an issue that should be discussed with a Tennessee divorce lawyer.

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