Change Child Custody in Tennessee

Change Child Custody and Modifying Shared Parenting Plans There are a variety of issues that arise in the lives of divorced families with children. And in families of single parents living separately sharing the custody of one or more children. … Read full article

Disability and Child Support in Tennessee

Dealing with family law matters require a domestic relations attorney to protect your rights, and to advise you on issues like child support for disabled children. Can you get child support for an adult disabled child in Tennessee?

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Ugliness – Should it be a Protected Class

An economist believes that ugliness should be considered a disability and protected under law. It may sound good in theory, but in practice it would create a civil litigation nightmare.

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Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws – GPS Tracking For Offenders

GPS tracking for those arrested for domestic violence offenses in Tennessee. It protects alleged victims, but does it violate the constitutional rights of the accused?

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