Legal Documents, Contracts, Written Agreements

Legal Documents, Contracts, Written Agreements Every day, in many different parts of your life you encounter legal documents, contracts or written agreements.  But what do all of the Whereas’s and Wherefore’s mean? What are the basic terms that must be … Read full article

Personal Injury Claims and Uninsured Motorists Coverage

In Tennessee every person who operates an automobile is required to have the vehicle insured with liability insurance coverage. Likewise, every policy of insurance must include uninsured motorists coverage. However, is every person in your vehicle covered under uninsured motorists coverage? Have an attorney review your automobile insurance policy so you know your legal rights.

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Interrogatories – Use and Purpose in Civil Litigation

In any civil lawsuit you and your adversary have many tools available to help discover factual information and evidence from each other. One such tool is interrogatories. Ask your attorney about interrogatories and other discovery issues.

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Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Tennessee Divorce Process Grounds for Divorce Maybe you have decided that the marriage is over.  Or maybe you are still weighing your options. Can you get a divorce if your spouse does not agree?  This question leads to a more legally … Read full article