Retaining an Attorney or a Lawyer in Tennessee

What is “Retaining an Attorney” ? Most people have heard the term “retain a lawyer” or you need to “retain an attorney”.  Unless you have had to actually engaged the services of an attorney or lawyer.  You probably are not sure … Read full article

Hotel Overbooking, Serious Enough for a Class Action Lawsuit?

Using a credit card to guarantee a hotel room reservation creates a contract between you and the hotel. A Dallas civil trial attorney is considering taking action against hotels that breach this contract by overbooking and denying the guest a room.

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Chattanooga City Court Not Only Court on Endangered List

The bad economy is taking its toll on state court in 29 states. Georgia Supreme Court is begging vendors for free pens, New Hampshire has suspended civil jury trials for a year, and some courts have stopped accepting filings because of the lack of paper.

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