Chattanooga City Court Not Only Court on Endangered List

The bad economy is taking its toll on state court in 29 states. Georgia Supreme Court is begging vendors for free pens, New Hampshire has suspended civil jury trials for a year, and some courts have stopped accepting filings because of the lack of paper.

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Bankruptcy Trustee Sues Over Fraudulent Transfers

Bankruptcy Trustee Sues Over Fraudulent Transfers A local Bankruptcy Trustee seeks to recover several thousand dollars from relatives and friends of Joe Prebul, owner of the bankrupt Prebul Automotive Group. In five separate lawsuits filed February 19, 2011, Chapter 7 … Read full article

Interrogatories – Use and Purpose in Civil Litigation

In any civil lawsuit you and your adversary have many tools available to help discover factual information and evidence from each other. One such tool is interrogatories. Ask your attorney about interrogatories and other discovery issues.

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A Penny Short, Lawsuit Dismissed

The U.S. penny thought by many to be quite insignificant, has been redeemed, at least a little, A recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals in the Sixth Circuit placed a high value ion the penny and dismissed a lawsuit because the amount in dispute was a penny shy of the amount required.

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What is a Statute of Limitations

If you have a cause of action there is typically a limitation on the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. This time limitation is set forth in statutes and varies depending on the type of lawsuit. Always consult with an attorney immediately if you believe you have a cause of legal action.

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