File for Bankruptcy | What is Bankruptcy?

File for Bankruptcy – When is the time right? Usually people file for bankruptcy when there are no other options available.  It is the last resort for most debtors.  But when is the time right to file for bankruptcy? Is … Read full article

When to File for Bankruptcy

If you are facing foreclosure, or lost your job you are most likely in need of debt relief. Bankruptcy provides complete debt relief either by a complete bankruptcy under chapter 7 or controlled repayment of your debts a portion of your debts under chapter 13 bankruptcy. Get a free bankruptcy case evaluation by a Chattanooga attorney experienced in bankruptcy law.

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The Economy -Jobs, Unemployment and Debt

The Economy -Jobs, Unemployment and Debt What are the debt solutions for you? Although the politicians continually claim to have the answers, it does not appear that our National Debt problems will get better anytime soon.  Of course over the … Read full article