What Is A Trust? Attorneys in Chattanooga, TN A Trust is a Contract Which Is Utilized for Estate Management When most people think about the term “estate” the mind conjures up images of an extensive manor home, perhaps a mansion,  … Read full article

Divorce Attorney in Tennessee – Choose the right lawyer

Divorce  Attorney in Chattanooga Tennessee It goes without saying, divorce is a very serious action involving legal, emotional and financial issues.   Depending on the circumstances, divorce can be relatively simple, or extremely complex. Involving the division of marital assets (home, … Read full article

Starting a new business and your estate plan

When starting a business one important issue to consider is how to pass the ownership of the business on to your heirs (spouse children, or others). One such way is to have a trust centered estate plan along with a corporation. You should seek the sound legal advice of an attorney experienced in starting a business and estate planning.

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Wills and Trusts: Protecting your child’s inheritance.

Wills and Trusts: Protecting your child’s inheritance. At Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, our attorneys often encounter clients who have a child who is not in a good position to inherit money or property without “blowing” it.  Sometimes the … Read full article