Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys – Choosing the Right Attorney

In Chattanooga there are many bankruptcy attorneys to choose from. Carefully consider the important factors before deciding which attorney you want to file your chapter 7 or chapter 14 bankruptcy.

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Tennessee Divorce – Supreme Court Reverses Award of Long Term Alimony

Tennessee Divorce – Supreme Court Reverses Award of Long Term Alimony In a recent decision the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the Tennessee Court of Appeals and held that in the divorce case of Johanna L. Gonsewski v. Craig W. Gonsewski … Read full article

Bank of America (BofA) Financial Woes – Is bankruptcy in the future?

Bank of America is struggling to control its losses, and may need to file for bankruptcy protection for its Countrywide mortgage unit. Likewise, many individuals are suffering from debt and economic woes – consult a bankruptcy attorney about your options and the benefits of chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy

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Ugliness – Should it be a Protected Class

An economist believes that ugliness should be considered a disability and protected under law. It may sound good in theory, but in practice it would create a civil litigation nightmare.

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Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws – GPS Tracking For Offenders

GPS tracking for those arrested for domestic violence offenses in Tennessee. It protects alleged victims, but does it violate the constitutional rights of the accused?

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Do it Yourself Divorce, No Attorney?

Even when the divorce is uncontested there are times when not having a divorce attorney leads to disastrous results. Always consider consulting your own family law attorney.

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