Mediation Agreement Enforceable in Tennessee

Can a Mediation Agreement be Set Aside? Are you contemplating divorce? Perhaps you are already in the process of divorcing. In Tennessee a couple seeking a divorce is typically required to attend mediation.  In order to attempt to resolve the issues … Read full article

Divorce Attorney in Tennessee – Choose the right lawyer

Divorce  Attorney in Chattanooga Tennessee It goes without saying, divorce is a very serious action involving legal, emotional and financial issues.   Depending on the circumstances, divorce can be relatively simple, or extremely complex. Involving the division of marital assets (home, … Read full article

Tennessee Divorce What about alimony?

Alimony is quite complicated, and involves many factual based elements, so be sure to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer to explore if alimony may be an issue in your case. In general, alimony is spousal support which is typically awarded to the economically disadvantaged spouse.

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