Chattanooga City Court Not Only Court on Endangered List

The bad economy is taking its toll on state court in 29 states. Georgia Supreme Court is begging vendors for free pens, New Hampshire has suspended civil jury trials for a year, and some courts have stopped accepting filings because of the lack of paper.

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A Penny Short, Lawsuit Dismissed

The U.S. penny thought by many to be quite insignificant, has been redeemed, at least a little, A recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals in the Sixth Circuit placed a high value ion the penny and dismissed a lawsuit because the amount in dispute was a penny shy of the amount required.

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Is the criminal justice system really broken?

Is the criminal justice system really broken? Hamilton County, Tennessee: Opinion of A Grand Jury Foreperson V.S.  Criminal Court Hamilton County, Tennessee: One of the two Grand Jury Forepersons serving in Hamilton County, Tennessee was recently replaced after twenty (20) … Read full article