Protecting Your Online Privacy

Protecting Online Privacy for Legal Purposes Facebook and Social media are not forums for sharing private information It’s human nature to share what’s going on in our lives. The good,  the bad and the ugly. People going through a divorce, … Read full article

The Hazards of a Power of Attorney

A Lafayette woman is being charged with felony theft by conversion for allegedly using a power of attorney to steal from her cousin. The woman’s husband who is a pastor has also been charged with felony theft by conversion as well.

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Georgia: Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial in a Civil Case?

The Georgia Constitutional right to a jury trial is often at odds with Georgia’s Civil Practice Act which provides for summary judgment under O.C.G.A. §9-11-56. Does summary judgment actually expedite litigation and save legal expenses? Not always, in fact it sometimes adds to the complexity at an extraordinary legal cost.

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Switching to Independent Contractors Draws Scrutiny from IRS and Department of Labor

 Switching to Independent Contractors Draws Scrutiny from IRS and Department of Labor With the current state of the economy, shifting from full-time employees to independent contractors is a cost-cutting measure that some businesses have implemented.  This saves the business money … Read full article

Hotel Overbooking, Serious Enough for a Class Action Lawsuit?

Using a credit card to guarantee a hotel room reservation creates a contract between you and the hotel. A Dallas civil trial attorney is considering taking action against hotels that breach this contract by overbooking and denying the guest a room.

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