Probate a Will in Tennessee

Probate a Will in Tennessee In Tennessee if a person who dies has a Last Will and Testament then the Will typically must be administered in probate.  In order for the Executor to gain control over the decedent’s estate and  … Read full article

The Hazards of a Power of Attorney

A Lafayette woman is being charged with felony theft by conversion for allegedly using a power of attorney to steal from her cousin. The woman’s husband who is a pastor has also been charged with felony theft by conversion as well.

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Georgia: Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial in a Civil Case?

The Georgia Constitutional right to a jury trial is often at odds with Georgia’s Civil Practice Act which provides for summary judgment under O.C.G.A. §9-11-56. Does summary judgment actually expedite litigation and save legal expenses? Not always, in fact it sometimes adds to the complexity at an extraordinary legal cost.

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Probate in Tennessee : What does an Executor do?

When a person is appointed as Executor in a Last Will and Testament, then the probate court will usually appoint that person to be the Personal Representative of the Estate. The Personal Representative will most likely be required to have an attorney.

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