Attorney Fee Payment Plans Chattanooga TN

Affordable Attorney Fee Payment Plans Purple Law Firm is excited to announce that we now offer affordable flexible payment plans for our clients.  Getting a divorce or dealing with child custody issues just got easier.  We recognize that attorney retainer … Read full article

Legal Separation or Divorce, Avoid a Costly Mistake

Legal Separation or Divorce? A Delay Could be Hazardous When the marriage reaches that critical moment.  When its time to call it quits?  To move on with life? Should you just move out and do nothing? How long should you wait … Read full article

Family law attorney Divorce Lawyer in Chattanooga, TN

Family Law Attorney Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga Family Law Attorney What is Family Law? Family law is the area of legal practice that involves issues affecting the family.  Although the matters of law are somewhat typical,  the involvement of family relationships, and the emotionally charged issues … Read full article

Relocate with Child | Tennessee Child Custody

Law Changes may impact your current parenting plan!  Contact a family law attorney immediately.  Very commonly a parent who is going through a divorce or a child custody case will ask: Can the custodial parent move out-of-state with the child? … Read full article