Tennessee Divorce – Supreme Court Reverses Award of Long Term Alimony

Tennessee Divorce – Supreme Court Reverses Award of Long Term Alimony In a recent decision the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the Tennessee Court of Appeals and held that in the divorce case of Johanna L. Gonsewski v. Craig W. Gonsewski … Read full article

Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws – GPS Tracking For Offenders

GPS tracking for those arrested for domestic violence offenses in Tennessee. It protects alleged victims, but does it violate the constitutional rights of the accused?

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Do it Yourself Divorce, No Attorney?

Even when the divorce is uncontested there are times when not having a divorce attorney leads to disastrous results. Always consider consulting your own family law attorney.

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Mediation Agreement Enforceable in Tennessee

Can a Mediation Agreement be Set Aside? Are you contemplating divorce? Perhaps you are already in the process of divorcing. In Tennessee a couple seeking a divorce is typically required to attend mediation.  In order to attempt to resolve the issues … Read full article

Tennessee Divorce: Child Support Guidelines V.S. Agreement of the Parties

Can child support be waived or set at an amount that is less than required by the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines? Discuss this issue all other issues regarding divorce with a Tennessee divorce attorney.

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