Bail Changes for DUI Offenders in Tennessee

Tennessee now has tougher bail requirements for DUI offenders who commit another DUI related offense while out of jail on bail. Speak to a DUI attorney about your rights and the new requirements of Tennessee DUI laws.

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Bail Changes in Tennessee: DUI, Vehicular Assault or Homicide

Persons arrested in Tennessee who have a prior conviction for DUI, vehicular homicide involving DUI, or vehicular assault, may be required to meet additional conditions of release before being granted bail. Speak to criminal attorney about your rights to reasonable bail.

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Is the criminal justice system really broken?

Is the criminal justice system really broken? Hamilton County, Tennessee: Opinion of A Grand Jury Foreperson V.S. Criminal Court Hamilton County, Tennessee: One of the two Grand Jury Forepersons serving in Hamilton County, Tennessee was recently replaced after twenty (20) … Read full article