Hamilton County Jail Recordings Used Against Defendant

Will criminal defendants ever learn: Your jailhouse telephone conversations ARE BEING RECORDED! An Atlanta man being tried in Hamilton County, Tennessee has learned this lesson first-hand – just as James “Bob” Ward the Florida millionaire and Casey Anthony

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Is the Death Penalty on “Death Row”?

The US Supreme Court has now granted three stays of execution in one week. Troy Davis in Georgia was just granted a stay from his execution scheduled for later tonight. Is the Supreme Court likely to end the death penalty like it did briefly in the 1970s?

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Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws – GPS Tracking For Offenders

GPS tracking for those arrested for domestic violence offenses in Tennessee. It protects alleged victims, but does it violate the constitutional rights of the accused?

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DUI in Tennessee – Third Strike and Your Out for 5 Years

DUI in Tennessee – Third Strike and Your Out for 5 Years Effective July 1, 2011, DUI offenders have it tougher.   The State of Tennessee has not only removed DUI from the list of criminal offenses eligible for judicial … Read full article