Attorney Fee Payment Plans Chattanooga TN

Affordable Attorney Fee Payment Plans Purple Law Firm is excited to announce that we now offer affordable flexible payment plans for our clients.  Getting a divorce or dealing with child custody issues just got easier.  We recognize that attorney retainer … Read full article

Prenuptial Agreement in Tennessee

Prenuptial Agreement in Tennessee The attorneys of Purple Law Firm recognize the delicate nature of the issues involved in a prenuptial agreement.  There are many misconceptions about a prenuptial agreement.  And the purposes for entering into such a written contract with … Read full article

Attorney in Chattanooga: Legal Documents, Contracts, Leases

 Legal Documents, Contracts, Leases Fortunately, most people do not encounter an attorney because of divorce, criminal charges, or bankruptcy.  However, most people still encounter a lawyer at some point in their life.  If not, then perhaps they should.  Legal documents … Read full article

Switching to Independent Contractors Draws Scrutiny from IRS and Department of Labor

 Switching to Independent Contractors Draws Scrutiny from IRS and Department of Labor With the current state of the economy, shifting from full-time employees to independent contractors is a cost-cutting measure that some businesses have implemented.  This saves the business money … Read full article

Hotel Overbooking, Serious Enough for a Class Action Lawsuit?

Using a credit card to guarantee a hotel room reservation creates a contract between you and the hotel. A Dallas civil trial attorney is considering taking action against hotels that breach this contract by overbooking and denying the guest a room.

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