Court for Bankruptcy the Meeting of Creditors

Court for Bankruptcy the Meeting of Creditors Many people who file for bankruptcy are concerned about the process and often ask “do I have to go to court?”   The answer to this question is:  Yes if you file bankruptcy  you … Read full article

Can you file a divorce and bankruptcy at the same time?

Divorce and Bankruptcy Resolve Marital Debt All too often when a couple files for a divorce the financial situation becomes disastrous.  Sometimes both husband and wife are placed in a financial hardship, other times it is only one spouse.  In … Read full article

Bankruptcy Trustee – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

When a person files bankruptcy there are two (2) Trustees involved in the bankruptcy process. One is the United States Trustee who is employed by the United States Department of Justice, and the other is a local attorney appointed by the bankruptcy court to oversee the bankruptcy proceedings and protect the creditors.

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