Chattanooga Home Sales Improving Impact on Divorce and Bankruptcy

Chattanooga Home Sales Improving

The Impact on Divorce and Bankruptcy

Chattanooga home sales and resale values are improving with a 15% increase in sales in the third quarter according to a Times Free Press article. It is also reported that the typical single family home sold for an average of $13,200 more than the same period last year.  This good news and will likely have an impact on persons filing bankruptcy and couples going through a divorce.  In a bankruptcy case the value of the home is a key issue in determining if you want to try to save the home from foreclosure in a chapter 13, or if you may lose your home to the bankruptcy Trustee in a Chapter 7 .  In a divorce the value of the home is a determining factor in division of marital assets and often is a consideration to be weighed in the question of filing divorce and bankruptcy at the same time.

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