America’s Top Privacy Cop – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito

In a recent Washington Post article, George Washington University law professor Jeffrey Rosen, makes the case that United States Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, is “America’s Privacy Cop”.  According to Rosen, Alito  doesn’t always side with privacy over free speech. He did join a holding that corporations don’t have “personal privacy” rights that can defeat a Freedom of Information Act request for corporate data. And he joined a 5 to 4 decision in 2009 holding that when the police rely on erroneous information about a suspect in a government database to make an arrest, any evidence found afterward need not be excluded from the trial.

But, most of the time, Justice Alito is a renegade on the High Court championing the cause of limiting free sppech in many instances, including pornography, and the recent case involving Kansas’s Westboro Baptist Church First Amendment right to engage in hateful protests at military funerals. The lone dissenter was Alito, who insisted that the grieving relatives of Matthew A. Snyder, a Marine who died in Iraq, should be able to sue the church for a “vicious verbal assault” that violated their privacy and dignity.

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