Bankruptcy in Chattanooga Just Got Easier

Bankruptcy in Chattanooga Just Got Easier

If you are facing home foreclosure, unemployment, or are just are feeling overwhelmed by your debts, complete debt relief is just around the corner.  Bankruptcy may sound like a scary thing, and it tends to offend a person’s ego, but it is often necessary and is quite common in today’s bad economy.  Bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy both offer debt relief which will put you back on the right financial footing.  Of course filing bankruptcy is not free or even cheap – it involves a court filing fee and bankruptcy lawyer fees.  If you live in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area bankruptcy has just gotten easier for you.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Chattanooga Offering $500 Discount

For a limited time, Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga, TN is now offering a $500 discount when you retain an attorney to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  With over 29 years experience in bankruptcy law our lawyers will walk you through the process of bankruptcy, first making sure that you qualify for either chapter 7 or liquidation bankruptcy or need to repay all or part of your debt under a chapter 13 plan.  Your Chattanooga bankruptcy attorney will then prepare your petition and attend the meeting of creditors with you. Our attorneys recognize the financial burdens that you face when bankruptcy becomes imminent for you, and wish to help alleviate that burden by reducing the cost of filing bankruptcy.

[notice]Bankruptcy in Chattanooga Save $500 The $500 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 discount is offered for a limited time by the Chattanooga bankruptcy lawyers of Purple Law Firm.  To ensure that you will receive your bankruptcy discount go to our bankruptcy discount page and complete the online form so that our lawyers can schedule your initial bankruptcy consultation appointment. [/notice]

What Bankruptcy can do for you

There are differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and the benefits that are offered to a bankruptcy debtor.  However, one thing is for sure, both bankruptcy options will reduce or eliminate your debt.  Determining the right bankruptcy option for you requires an attorney’s review of your financial situation and a discussion of your goals – this occurs in the initial consultation.  Both chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy will provide you immediate relief upon filing under the provisions of the automatic stay.  Chapter 7 will allow you to discharge or erase your debts, while chapter 13 will allow you to repay all or a portion of your debt under a plan developed by you and your bankruptcy lawyer – while eliminating any future interest on unsecured debt like credit cards. Both chapters of bankruptcy provide options when you are facing foreclosure.

Bankruptcy Means Test and other Requirements Must be Met

To qualify for bankruptcy you must pass a means test and meet other pre-filing requirements like credit counseling and including having your income tax filings up to date.  You will need to provide your current pay check stubs so that your current income can be verified.


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