Legal Documents Should Be Reviewed by an Attorney

Legal Documents Should Be Reviewed by an Attorney

We all  encounter legal documents, contracts, agreements, waivers, releases, and disclaimers in many areas of life.

Always have legal documents and contracts reviewed by an attorney. Waivers and releases ought to be reviewed as well by a lawyer.There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly it is to protect the legal interests of the person or business providing the services or the products you purchase. A lot of  significant questions arise in any situation involving contracts and legal documentsAttorneys are specially educated, trained, and experienced to know what these questions are, what situations could arise, and how to make sure the issues are properly dealt with in the legal document.

Home Purchase Means a Lot of Legal Documents

When you purchase a house, there are a lot of legal documents involved: Offer to Purchase, sometimes a counter-offer, Purchase Agreement (sales contract), Mortgage documents, Deed of Trust, Warranty Deed, documents and more documents.  Its presumable that most people understand the basic concepts of a mortgage contract, but do  you understand the legal significance of all of the provisions? What about the purchase agreement and all of the other documents? What happens if someone breaches the agreement?

Lease Agreements – Know Your Legal Rights

Or maybe you want to rent / lease an apartment or house, you typically must sign a lease agreement? Does the lease agreement have unfair provisions, does it provide you with any rights, or does the landlord have all of the rights?  What if you have to move, will you be forced to pay the entire lease amount for the full contract term? Are there hidden charges, or are you responsible for any of the maintenance?  Do you really understand what you are signing? Have one of our attorneys review the lease for you.

Commercial leases are even more likely to contain provisions that could cost you more money than you realized, and often you do not know until well after you have signed the lease and encounter the situation.  Our lawyers review commercial leases and write them as well.

Often times when your children get involved in certain extracurricular activities you are  “required” to sign a release or waiver of liability.  Is that waiver enforceable?  Maybe you are purchasing a vehicle from a buy here pay here lot? Or you are buying a used car with a separate vehicle warranty contract.  Everywhere you turn there is a contract or legal document – have a lawyer involved.

An Attorney Will Explain the Terms and Your Rights

All of these contracts, legal documents, but do you understand your rights?  Is the contract fair, enforceable, or is a contract full of ambiguous statements and unenforceable provisions?  Make a well informed decision, know your rights, contact an attorney to have the document reviewed and explained.

Maybe you are planning to remodel your home or hire a contractor for some other type of project, does the contractor provide you with a contract which specifies his performance? Does the contract provide a warranty on his work, if so is it enforceable? Don’t make a costly mistake, have an attorney review the legal document or contract so you can make a well informed decision and know your legal rights and obligations under any contract or legal document.

Are you a business owner? Do you provide your customers contracts, warranties or statements of release or waivers? Do you use forms which contain disclaimers?  Have these documents reviewed or prepared by a lawyer to ensure that the legal issues are properly addressed and legally enforceable. Do you hire contract employees?  Is your employment contract enforceable and legally sound?

Call or email today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and have that legal document reviewed before you sign.

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