96 Indictments and 49 People Charged

Indicted and Arrested

96 Indictments and 49 People Charged

Hamilton County, Tennessee, Sheriff Jim Hammond said 49 individuals have been charged after a five-month undercover narcotics investigation.  Among the multiple charges several were arrested for Selling and Delivering Oxycodone, Selling and Delivering Cocaine, Selling Alprazolam, Initiating the Manufacture of  Methamphetamine, Selling and Delivering Methamphetamine.  All of these charges are serious felonies and carry sentences  of up to thirty (30) years depending on the Defendant’s prior criminal history.

The five month criminal probe was spread across Hamilton County – including Highway 58, Birchwood, Georgetown, Ooltewah, Brainerd, East Brainerd, Sale Creek, Soddy Daisy, Lookout Valley, Signal Mountain and Hixson.

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(Some information obtained from chattanoogan.com)

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