The technology driven law firm in Chattanooga

A few years ago, or at least it seems, law firms were “high tech” if the office computers were networked, or if the fax line and the data line were seperate.  But, today it is a whole new ballgame.  The technological advances over the last few years have created a whirl wind in every industry.  It is no longer enough to have internet access, but now you need to be live on the web, and interactive.

At Purple Law Firm we are driven to be on the cutting edge of technology.  However, since we are a small firm, there have to be some balances between cutting edge and need.  Obviously, a small law firm does not need to have a high powered file server designed for 50 employees.   And although, the mega sized touch screen monitors like you see on “NCIS LA” would be nice, but hardly justifiable.

So what is the balance?  The technology strategy is fairly simple: We invest in what works well, what serves the needs of our clients, what helps us do our job more efficiently, and effectively.

So how does a law firm’s technology help a client?   Technology helps the attorneys and the staff be more efficient and effective in document production, research and communication with clients, courts, and adversaries.  Another concern is data integrity and security.  Obviously, a law firm must protect our client files.  Recently we upgraded our operating systems to Windows Vista Business edition to provide enhanced security.

Within the last few years we have updated and upgraded many other areas as well.  To improve communication we have employed a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone system which is hosted by 8×8.  This system allows us greater flexibility and allows our clients to have better access to our attorneys and staff. The system allows calls to be routed to the cell phone of the attorney or staff member.  It also delivers voice mail via email which we recieve on our Blackberry smartphones.  Because of the flexibility of the system and its features, if we find that something is not working as well as we want we can change it.

We are also improving and enhancing our internet presence. Explore our websiteWe have launched and are improving our mobile website to serve the increasing number of people using cell phone web browsers.  We have recently made it easier to communicate via an secure online email form, which also prevents spam (spam wastes a lot of our valuable time).  In the coming months we will be improving the interactive experience of our website to make it even easier to communicate and “interface” with our lawyers and staff.

Attorneys also have to make sure that they are current on all areas of the law, not only changes in the law, but also the interpretations of the law from the various appellate and supreme courts.  In order to make sure our lawyers stay current and write legally accurate pleadings, motions, and documents, Purple Law Firm subscribes to Lexis online research service.  With this service we are not only able to research the issues, but we also save a lot of time, which saves our clients money and allows us to serve our clients quicker.

Technology can be fun, but more importantly technology makes our working hours more productive and lends us a helping hand to better serve our clients’ needs. Purple Law Firm  its attorneys, staff, and our technology working together to serve your legal needs.

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