I should have had a lawyer…

I should have had a lawyer…

Introducing a new category: “Should have had a lawyer”.  This will be a weekly posting category, usually on Friday.

Do it yourself legal situations that did not not turn out quite right.  The lesson being the person should have retained a lawyer.  Also cases of I should have told my lawyer.

The stories and situations which will be discussed here are intended to serve as examples of legal situations that ought to have been handled by an attorney.

Perhaps you have heard the cliche “A person who represents himself…”  This is often true whether such self-representation is in the courtroom or not.  Our law firm encounters many situations in which people have drawn their own contracts, made their own wills and the like. Typically the people involved are very intelligent, but not trained in legal matters.  Attorneys are trained and experienced in the law and in detecting and preventing potential legal hazards.  In other words, an attorney has the unique ability to foresee the legal consequences and potential problems, and then determine the best way to prevent or deal with them.

Next week: The case of the self-written purchase and finance contract that went awry in more ways than one.

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