Texting and Driving, Don’t Do it!

Do Not text while you are driving. Texting ban in Tennessee

No texting while driving.

Texting and Driving Illegal in Tennessee

Tennessee and many other states have now banned texting while driving.  Tennessee Code Annotated Section 55-8-109 states that “No person while driving a motor vehicle on any public road or highway shall use a hand-held mobile telephone or a hand-held personal digital assistant to transmit or read a written message”  It does allow a driver to enter a telephone number for the purpose of making a telephone call.  The ban on text messages only applies to the driver and only at the time the vehicle is in motion.  So if you just have to send or read a text message wait until you are stopped at a light, or pull off the road.

There may be other solutions as well. There are now many programs available at lest for smartphones (I-phone, Blackberry, Droid) which allow voice to text.  Of course, it might be simpler to just call the person instead of texting.

Tennessee Violations For Texting While Driving No Exceptions for 911

Violations of  law in Tennessee prohibiting sending or reading text messages while driving is a Class C Misdemeanor subject only to a $50.00 fine and no more than $10.00 court costs, and is considered a non-moving violation. On an interesting note: On April 9, 2010, the Governor signed a Bill which urges all 911 call centers in Tennessee to accept text messages.  So if you are driving and need to contact 911? There does not appear to be an exception for emergency texting.  So it would appear to be best to call 911 instead of texting, if possible.

It also would appear that if you want to use GPS you should be stopped when you enter your address information.

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