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When a legal issue arises, you need help.  The Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm are here to give you that help.  The Law and You provides information about many legal topics that affect the lives of people like you.

Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law, Criminal Law and More

Learn more about bankruptcy and the process of going bankrupt.  What is involved with filing a divorce, child custody issues, adopting a child.  What happens when a person is charged with a crime?  All of these issues require legal expertise that only an attorney can provide. So be sure to contact our Chattanooga attorneys for legal advice.

The Law and You Tennessee Legal Articles:

Legal Separation or Divorce, Avoid a Costly Mistake

Legal Separation or Divorce, A Delay Could be Hazardous When the marriage reaches that critical moment.  When its time to call it quits, and move on with life. Should you just move out and do nothing? How long should you wait … Read full article

File for Bankruptcy | What is Bankruptcy?

File for Bankruptcy – When is the time right? Usually people file for bankruptcy when there are no other options available.  It is the last resort for most debtors.  But when is the time right to file for bankruptcy? Is … Read full article

Family law attorney Divorce Lawyer in Chattanooga, TN

Family Law Attorney Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga Family Law Attorney What is Family Law? Family law is an area of legal practice that involves many issues affecting the family.  Although the matters of law are somewhat typical,  the involvement of family relationships, and the emotionally charged issues … Read full article

Bankruptcy Good Faith or Bad Faith

Bankruptcy Good Faith or Bad Faith Balancing the scales of justice Is the Debtor Truly Insolvent There are a great many checks  and balances built into the United States Bankruptcy Code to ensure that relief in bankruptcy is afforded to … Read full article

Protecting Your Online Privacy

Protecting Online Privacy for Legal Purposes Facebook and Social media are not forums for sharing private information It’s human nature to share what’s going on in our lives. The good,  the bad and the ugly. People going through a divorce, … Read full article

Bankruptcy Terms Explained | Bankruptcy Definitions

Defining Bankruptcy Terms In today’s world there is no limit to the specialized terminology of specific subject areas. The practice of law is certainly no exception. Of course now with the power of the internet people no longer need to be … Read full article