Chattanooga attorneys helping people with most legal issues in Tennessee. Located in Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN,   our lawyers practice with expertise in many matters of law.

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We practice  divorce, family law, bankruptcy and criminal law and more.   We serve the legal needs of regular people at affordable rates.  In addition to Hamilton County,  our attorneys go to Bradley, Rhea, Marion, Polk  and Sequatchie Counties in Tennessee.

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Choosing a lawyer can be a challenge

Jim Purple Lawyer in Chattanooga Tennessee

Our Chattanooga attorneys provide you with caring legal representation. Experience matters in court. Attorney Jim Purple practicing since 1982.

Mariella Pechero abogada attorney

When hiring an attorney, money is a factor. But, it   should not be the only   factor when you retain an attorney. Mariella Pechero, a lawyer who offers much more than affordable rates. 

Sonali Arora attorney

When you need a skilled divorce lawyer, or a bankruptcy attorney contact our law firm in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

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Divorce   Bankruptcy   Criminal   Adoption

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Chattanooga Attorneys – Family Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer

Chattanooga Attorneys When your family experiences a legal issue it is very personal and stressful. Rely on the skill of a caring Chattanooga   divorce lawyer in Tennessee.   Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested (agreed) you have to deal with the end of the marriage.   Moving to a new home. As well as   dividing the property of the marriage. Maybe alimony.   Add to that a minor child, now the divorce will involve child custody. Also the Court decides the issues of parenting and support for the child Turn to the Chattanooga attorneys practicing since 1982.   We are experienced with legal issues involved in   family law.

About Bankruptcy –   Debt Relief By Chattanooga Attorneys

Chattanooga bankruptcy law firmWhen debt gets high the answers are scarce. Be that as it may, Bankruptcy offers complete debt relief.   As well as a fresh financial start. What must you do to file bankruptcy? The laws are complicated.   The legal process of filing bankruptcy can be scary. Take action, above all get help from our skilled bankruptcy team. Want to keep your home if you file bankruptcy? What happens when you file a chapter 13? Are there exceptions to the discharge of debt in chapter 7? Get the answers and the legal advice you need. Get the help you deserve from our Chattanooga   bankruptcy attorneys.

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Matters of law need attention and solutions from a lawyer.   The Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm solve the problems for you. Contact our Chattanooga law firm for a divorce,family law matters or criminal defense.   We also file bankruptcy (chapter 7 and 13). Our lawyers are skilled in civil litigation issues, and any other legal problem in the Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee area.
Purple Law Firm serves the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Our skilled lawyers represent individuals and small businesses in a wide variety of legal matters. This includes   bankruptcy, divorce, criminal defense, and estate planning.   Therefore, you need to contact our Tennessee lawyers today.