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Our Chattanooga attorneys at law can help with most legal issues in Tennessee. Legal professionals who are seasoned in a wide variety of matters concerning the laws in Tennessee and the United States. Contact an attorney in Chattanooga, TN today for a consultation appointment.  For legal representation or advice about divorce and family law in TN. This includes child custody and child support issues. Maybe you or a loved one has been charged with a crime?  You need a criminal defense lawyer. Or a DUI attorney to protect your legal rights. Have an overload of debt problems? Our Chattanooga bankruptcy attorneys can help with bother Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Choose a Chattanooga law firm with over 32 years experience in these areas of law.  Our Chattanooga attorneys also practice in the areas of estate planning – writing Wills and trusts.  Tennessee probate law in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.  Purple Law Firm Chattanooga attorneys are engaged in the general practice of law.

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A Hamilton County Tennessee law firm founded by James D. Purple, Sr., Attorney at Law. Our Chattanooga attorneys will provide you with caring professional legal representation in many areas of law. Choosing a lawyer can be a challenge. Obviously, the financial part of the decision is a factor. But, money should not be the sole deciding factor when retaining an attorney. This is even more true in real serious legal matters.  Like choosing a divorce lawyer, a bankruptcy attorney, or a criminal law attorney. For skilled legal counsel contact our Chattanooga attorneys in Hamilton County,Tennessee. The right law firm in Chattanooga TN.

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Child Custody Disputes and Child Support in Tennessee

Chattanooga attorneys divorce lawyersWhen a legal issue involves your family it is very personal and can be quite stressful. Dissolving a marriage by the legal process of divorce involves  many issues of law. It affects the very fabric of your life. Rely on the experience of a caring Chattanooga divorce lawyer in Tennessee for legal representation. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested (agreed) you have to deal with the end of the marriage.  Moving to a new home.  Dividing the property of the marriage.  And perhaps spousal support or alimony. Plus,  if you have a minor child, the divorce process will involve child custody. Deciding the issues of parenting responsibilities and support for the child. Where the child resides and when. Who makes major parenting decisions. When divorce and child custody issues arise you can depend on the knowledgeable family law attorneys. Chattanooga family law attorneys with over 31 years experience with legal issues involved in domestic relations law.

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Chattanooga bankruptcy law firmWhen debt gets high the solutions are scarce. Bankruptcy offers complete debt relief and a possibility of a fresh financial start. What you must do to file bankruptcy? Bankruptcy laws are complicated and the legal process and issues involved in declaring bankruptcy can sometimes be scary. Our Chattanooga attorneys are experienced in bankruptcy and can help. Can you keep your home if you file bankruptcy? What happens when you file a chapter 13? Are there exceptions to discharge of debt in chapter 7? Get the answers to these questions.  Get the legal advice and help you deserve.   Consult with and retain a bankruptcy attorney in Chattanooga, TN.

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Matters of law need professional attention and solutions.  Need a consultation for legal advice?  Legal counsel?   Attorney representation for an ongoing legal matter?  Or debt relief solution?  The Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm can help you. Contact our Chattanooga law firm for a divorce lawyer, family law attorney or a criminal defense attorney.  Our Chattanooga attorneys file bankruptcy (chapter 7 and 13).  Purple Law Firm will help you  incorporate your business. Our lawyers are skilled in civil litigation issues, and any other legal problem in the Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee area.

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Purple Law Firm is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and its lawyers represent individuals and small businesses in a wide variety of situations that involve questions or issues of law. Our Chattanooga attorneys are skilled in the legal practice areas listed here. This includes bankruptcy, divorce, criminal defense, and estate planning. If you encounter an issue or problem that involves a legal matter. A question of law. Contact our Chattanooga lawyers for counsel and advice. Purple Law Firm’s Chattanooga attorneys are Tennessee Lawyers serving the legal needs of regular people.  Bankruptcy Divorce, Criminal Law, and other legal matters. We are here for to serve your legal needs at affordable rates.  Chattanooga Attorneys serving Hamilton, Bradley, Rhea, Marion and Sequatchie Counties in Tennessee.