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Chattanooga attorneys helping people with most legal issues in Tennessee. Located in Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN, our lawyers practice as a team with expertise in many matters of law.

Through life’s ups and downs, Purple Law Firm’s Chattanooga attorneys serve you and your family. Our legal team practices divorce, family law, adoption, criminal law and more, at affordable rates.  In addition to Hamilton County,  our lawyers go to Bradley, Rhea, Marion, Polk  and Sequatchie Counties in Tennessee.

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Family Law Attorneys

Purple Law Firm provides skilled Tennessee divorce lawyers. Our legal team helps resolve the legal issues, financial and child custody. Divorce and Family Law

Adoption, Building Families

Chattanooga adoption attorneys representing step parents, grandparents, other relatives, and non relatives. Chattanooga Adoption Attorneys

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our experienced Chattanooga attorneys serve criminal defendants in Hamilton County and surrounding areas. Defending felony, misdemeanor and DUI charges.  Tennessee Criminal Defense

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Matters of law need attention and solutions from a legal team.   The Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm solve these problems for you. A team of legal professionals helping you with divorce, family law matters, or criminal defense.   In addition, our lawyers are skilled in civil litigation issues, and many other legal problems.  A Chattanooga Law Firm – lawyers serving individuals and small businesses in the Hamilton County, Tennessee area.  So, hire a Tennessee legal team to represent you in adoption, divorce, child custodycriminal defense, estate planning, probate and more.